Tethys Tethys

A new CD by by Linda and friends Shiho Kurauchi and Ann Lindquist. Together they are ShAnLí.

Soothing instrumental harp, flute and koto inspire a meditative musical journey around the world, with Japanese, Celtic and Indian flavors for reflective and creative moments.

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ShAnLi (with Chigusa Kitai) plays at Crown Hill Bistro, Seattle, August 22

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Price of shipping from Canada anywhere is $3 per cd.

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Full Hearts, Empty Mind - A new CD by harpist Linda Khandro Full Hearts, Empty Mind

Linda's second CD of solo and accompanied harp music maintains the tranquility of her first CD, Transition, but with a band and a beat! A veritable string section (cello, viola, and violin) adds depth and richness, and innovative flutes, tamboura, Himalayan bowls, keyboards, vocals, and percussion add unique textures and rhythms. Beautifully produced, this CD will delight and entertain, as well as entrain and soothe.

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Transition Transition

Original and Celtic music played solo and accompanied, on a double-strung harp. Intended to aid those in pain, illness, or in one of life's' major transitions, this music is the perfect accompaniment to massage, Reiki, and other body and energy healing work.

"Meditative, hypnotic…this IS master-quality…inventive and thoughtful playing…traditional melodies are featured well." ...Taxi: Music Critique and A & R Listing Service  •  More Reviews

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