Astrobiology Outreach
at the University of Washington

My 6 years at the University of Washington as an Education Outreach Specialist with the Astronomy Department and Astrobiology Program put me in touch with fascinating science and inspirational educational programs in the burgeoning field of Astrobiology.  Please visit the following pages for some of the best of this work:
For the UW Astronomy Department please visit:
For UW Astrobiology, please see:
For Project AstroBio please see:

  Hard at study with colleagues at an outreach education workshop in astronomy and astrobiology, at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) conference, Tuscon, AZ, 2005.

Click To Enlarge   1997 Project ASTRO training workshop with amateur astronomers and Grades 5-12 teacher colleagues; here we investigate light filters. This was my entry point to Project ASTRO; 3 years later I was hired by the UW Astronomy Department as Coordinator, and in 2002 we ‘morphed’ Project ASTRO into Project Astrobio.

Click To Enlarge   2000 or so at Boeing’s Museum of Flight in Seattle, taking part in a simulated space flight mission. We took turns as ground crew (this image) and flight crew


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