Other Student Outreach

Click To Enlarge   With colleagues Monika Kress and Stan Vaughan, et al, of San Jose State University in California, I was a member of the science team for a great program near Lake Tahoe called Youth in Science. We had about 75 kids and a terrific week in the mountain forests, teaching and studying insects, plants, rocks, and astrobiology (guess who had that role!).

Click To Enlarge   Each year at Table Mt Star Party the kids are immersed in all kinds of science; plants, rocks, planets, and stars. One of their activities is a Treasure Hunt where they have to find adult participants around the site who represent different constellations on their list. Guess who gets to "be" Lyra, the Lyre or Harp (we don’t count the number of strings!)?

image coming....   Gateway Astronomy Night


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