Curriculum Topics

Earth, Space, and Rhythm

Suggested Curriculum Topics for Grades 4 – 9
(each “workshop” = one class period) 

1.         Dance of the Planets:  A ½ hour performance piece created by and for elementary school children, in which the motions of the planets and largest moons of our Solar System are depicted in art, rhythm, and movement. (5 workshop days required) 

2.         City Picnic Solar System:  A scale of the solar system is created, using a city map and a walk to a picnic destination, stopping at each scaled distance to display student posters and short talks about the individual planets. (3 – 4 workshop days required) 

3.         Rock Cycle Boogie:  Music and movement are used to model the three basic rock types – igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic - and the cycling of earth material between these types.  (3 - 4 workshop days required) 

4.         Fossils Rock:  We make plaster of paris casts and molds of fossils and bones, discussing the rhythms of biological evolution and extinction.  If desired, we can use music and movement to model biological evolution.  (2 – 3 workshop days required) 

5.         The Rhythm of Planet Earth:  Modeling the great length of “deep” or geologic time is done with a variety of types of scales, including a roll of adding machine tape, a calendar, a clock, a walk down the block, etc. (3 workshop days required)

 6.         Supernovae Cycles:  We are born of star stuff;  exploding stars seed the universe with the essential elements for life, so we model the evolution of the most massive stars through their births, life span, and violent deaths. (4 –5 workshop days required)