Full Hearts, Empty Mind

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Track List 63:20 minutes

  1. Sakya

  2. Stories from a Train

  3. Breton Mystery II

  4. Cedarwind

  5. A Maid in Bedlam

  6. Roslyn Castle

  7. Oidche Mhath Leibh (Goodnight to You)

  8. Far Away

  9. Song for Geraldine

  10. Brae Lochial

  11. Full Earth Circle

  12. Nine Years

  13. Waterfall

  14. Living Wave III

  15. Waterlight

  16. Sakya Reprise

  17. Nine Years Reprise

  18. Trees They Do Grow High

  19. Stories from a Train Reprise

Victory Music Review, a monthly Publication by Victory Music, October, 2004.
By Tom Peterson: 
Review of cd "Full Hearts, Empty Mind:

"The very talented Linda Khandro makes serious music to meditate by, deep, rich, complex music that soothes, cleanses, and restores. The title of her album refers to that state of personal security beyond the reach of worldly concerns, and this sumptuous disc can help get you there. Seattlite Khandro adds a variety of eastern and western instruments to the blend, and the sparkling recording (by another local, Richard Vanceunebrouck-Werth) captures every lovely nuance."

From the inside liner: 

Can you sing yourself into being
In the world?
In spite of the world?
O, the heart hurts
As it stretches open
Full of love.
The mind empties itself
Of grief and desire
As it learns compassion.
Who are we? Precious humans
With our despair and longing
Our delight and loving
Our uncertain knowledge
Certain wisdoms
And unmistakable karma

That invites suffering as it
Relieves suffering.
Oh, this mountain is so big!
What else is there to do but fill the heart
with loving-kindness
Empty the mind until the space is nothing,
But compassion.
The mountain becomes the sea
Of your song, of your wave
Of your heart, of your mind.
We’re all in it together
And no one gets out alive!

Linda Khandro, Spring 2002