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Track List 55 minutes

  1. Virginia's Song

  2. The Sea Her Song I

  3. Living Wave I

  4. Adagio in a Spanish Mode

  5. Bransle de la Torche

  6. Breton Mystery

  7. Scarborough Faire

  8. Medley - Grenadier & The Lady, The Mowers, Bold Fenian Men

  9. Song of the Chanter

  10. Heart Pools

  11. Living Wave II

  12. The Sea Her Song II

From the back cover:

This music intends to aid those in pain, illness, or in one of life’s major transitionsBack events of 9-11-01.  From my heart to yours, this music attempts to speak to our great need for unity, peace, compassion, and above all, love…the wish for all beings to be happy.  Twelve works feature…seven improvisations and five traditional melodies (Bransle de la Torche, Chanter, Scarborough Faire, Grenadier & the Lady, The Mowers, Bold Fenian Men) played on double strung harp with touches of cello, flute, and piano accompaniment.”

Reviews of Transition:

"Meditative, hypnotic…this IS master-quality…inventive and thoughtful playing…traditional melodies are featured well." ...Taxi: Music Critique and A & R Listing Service

"Nothing like this has touched me for years. There is space in this music, incredible space where my ear goes to silence, where my mind relaxes and opens." ...Rick Lortz, musician

"The harp rings like a bell, clear, calming, spacious…I am in a great hall, tapestries of unexpected notes cascade, shift and blend around me…can't tell where it comes fromClick To Enlarge or where it goes. In the Celtic songs, cello and flute move in counterpoint to the harp in a haunting evocation  of an ancient time." ...Maureen Barrat, actress

"Wings of strings…this healing harp soars on a gentle journey of solace and quietude. Khandro's artistry is the music of the light at the end of darkness. The rich and heartfelt simplicity of sound soothes - massage, reiki and other practitioners - revel!" ...Richard Vanceunebrouck-Werth,

"Transition is about transition. Like light and the wind, it is everywhere and nowhere at once, blending. Harmonic hints and teasing melodies merge back into the pure sonority of the harp…shifting with colors, there are no borders in the improvised pieces…incandescent - this music glows from within."